How to send text messages on DMR through Brandmeister

Perhaps one of DMRs most amazing features is its ability to send and receive text messages. Yes, that text messaging you are familiar with on the cellphone. As part of the DMR specification, it allows for data communication, not just voice. Many DMR radios have a T9 text keypad and menu system much like the old cellphones had (think Nokia phone). DMR text messaging can be done over simplex, radio to radio, or over a network. If the network is smart enough, it will route your text message from your repeater or hotspot to the repeater or hotspot the receiving station was last heard on. Remember, not all DMR networks are the same. This article will focus on the Brandmeister network and the devices connected to it.

Brandmeister’s network is amazing in its ability to route messages and private voice calls where they need to go. Not only that, it can also handle the text message translation between DMR vendors. Hytera radios, Motorola Radio and TYT radios, etc… with their default settings, cant text each other directly. Every vendor uses their own proprietary messaging format, avoiding the ETSI DMR standard. So what does “Routing voice and messages” mean?

User A in Texas wants to send User B in California a text message. As long as both radios are on, when User A sends a message, Brandmeister will send it to the device User B was last heard on in California, for example a Brandmeister connected DMR repeater. When User B switches to their hotspot and kerchunks, Brandmeister will see they have moved to the hotspot. Any future ‘private voice’ calls or ‘text messages’ will then be sent to the hotspot instead of the repeater they were on. User A, never has to change anything.

What this means is, as long as your radio is on and connected to a Brandmeister hotspot or repeater, you will always be able to receive texts, regardless of Time Slot or Talk Group you are monitoring, from other Brandmeister users. Add ARS/RRS, which is an auto registering service when you change channels or roam, a feature that many commercial radios have, you can always stay connected without touching the radio as you travel.

How to Message through Brandmeister

  1. Log into and go to the “Self Care” page.
    1. Dont have an account on Brandmeister? CLICK HERE
  2. Set your radio type and hit save. Without doing this, messaging will not work properly.
  3. Make sure the station you are sending to has done the same and that their radio is on.
    1. Brandmeister does not “Store and Forward” texts, meaning its not going to hold the message until the user comes back online.
  4. Send the message using your radio. Check the manual on how if need be.
    1. Most radios are: Menu -> Messages -> Write -> “MESSAGE HERE” -> Select Contact -> SEND
  5. You should receive an acknowledgement within a few seconds if the message made it to the other radio
    1. This does not always work. Sometimes the message actually makes it, when there is an error.
  6. When you switch repeaters or hotspots simply kerchunk on a TG to announce to Brandmiester your new gateway location.


Updated: 02/25/2019